Residential Services

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Our Service Agreements Include:

  • Chemically Clean Condenser Coils

  • Check Capacitors and Contactors

  • Clean Condensate Drain

  • Oil Motors

  • Clean Filters

  • Check Freon

  • Check Delta "Tee"

  • Clean Heat Exchangers

  • Clean Burners

  • Check Defrost Control and Reversing Value

Why a Trane Matched System?


Reliability, efficiency and comfort are serious business at Trane.  The best way to maximize all three of these is with a complete Trane System.  For example, the performance and efficiency of an outdoor air conditioning unit is based on being matched with a similarly engineered indoor unit of like size and capacity.  if only the outdoor unit is replaced and must utilize an existing indoor coil and air handler or furnace, it could actually suffer more than a 20% decline in SEER and compromise reliability and comfort.

More Stages Mean More Comfort and Efficiency


Staging refers to an air conditioner's ability to run at less than its maximum capacity in order to increase comfort levels and boost efficiency. For example, two-stage systems offer better comfort and higher efficiency (SEER ratings) than single-stage systems, while Trane's TruComfortTM variable speed system, with 700 stages, offers maximum comfort with the highest of efficiency.

What does 700 stages of comfort really mean?

Sometimes you just feel "too hot" or "too cold" between cycles of your system.  Having 700 stages nearly eliminates temperature fluctuations.  Your system glides along as if on cruise control, barely sipping electricity for much of the day.  It also runs at lower speeds for longer periods of time offering:

  • Advanced temperature control

  • Lower humidity

  • Reduced sound

  • Enhanced filtration

  • Lowest cost per minute.

Exclusive Trane Nexia-Enabled Controls... manage your home comfort from wherever you happen to be.  They can also easily control over 400 compatible Z-Wave devices like door locks, lighting, garage door openers and window sensors.