Indoor Air Quality and Humidity Control

Humidity Control: Knowledge is Power


Humidity plays as much a part in our comfort as air temperature.


It’s easy enough to cure a case of low humidity during heating season in a typical residence by simply installing a humidifier.


However, during the rest of the year, too much humidity is the problem. This isn’t only a comfort problem; it’s also a potential health problem. Mold is

more likely to grow when the relative humidity level is above 50%. Most molds really like relative humidity above 70%.


High indoor humidity is often hard to control. Air conditioners remove moisture from the air as a by-product of cooling, and it’s a normal practice to use an air conditioner to dehumidify the space as well as cool it. But moisture removal isn’t an air conditioner’s primary function. This is because the air conditioner is controlled by a thermostat, which senses temperature only.


Using an air conditioner for dehumidification works fine when the outdoor air is both hot and humid, in which case a properly sized air conditioner will run nearly all the time. Just remember, when sizing the equipment, it’s important to pay as much attention to latent load as to the sensible load.


Unfortunately, even when using a proper load calculation, we create air conditioning systems that are oversized about 90% of the time, such as in the spring and fall. During these non-design conditions, air conditioners don’t run enough to do a good a job of dehumidifying the air. For example, when it’s raining and cool, the air conditioner has no reason to run, since it’s not getting hot in the house. However, the moisture in the air outside will get into the house just by normal infiltration and ventilation. Then the house air will be too humid, with no way to get rid of the moisture.



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